Miami HEAT Mobile App Reviews

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Needs an update

Had this app for a long time and now I cant access the app because I have the smaller iPhone and I now need to accept the terms and conditions but I cant click on the accept button since it doesnt show on the older iPhone since screens are smaller. Give us an update please!

True heat fan

This app is awesome you can choose watch the game live and you can choose if you want a lot information or less and it tells you when the game starts and then it shows highlights and much more stuff.oh well LETS GO HEAT

No accept button

The app has been working for a while and now there is a screen that say accept terms and conditions and privacy policy and there is no accept button. Please fix


Everything that a heat fan needs! #heatnation

Doesnt work

As several other reviewers have noted, this app doesnt work. I cant get past the opening screen, and theres no "accept" button for the terms and conditions. Please fix!

I smell a championship

#heatnation #trumpPence2016


Takes forever to load and open up, it never happened to me before with the older update. I cant check the scores and now that NBA season started I cant see if my favorite team has won or not!

Great app

Great app lets goo heat 2012 nba champs period

Great app

But sometimes when I go to load it up it says "no programs were found" & tells me to check my Internet connection but Im on full fast WiFi on my iPhone 4s ?


It is an cool app.And gess what the won the playoffs


Very useful!

Not working

Cant get past the cover picture.. No way to enter into the app

Lets go Heat

We r too hot I dont think no team could put out our fire n da East!!!

Great App!

This is a great app, but I suggest having a points section where you can see how many points each player had that game.(:


This is the best app ever! Especially if yo like the heat! Keeps me caught up on games I missed!


FÜĆK the Miami heat


This app is great for scheduling and scores get this app

I love this app!!!

Loveeeeee this app


I love this App!!!And Miami Heat

Needs a new look. an entire overhaul.

It looks & feels like its a website made into an app. Come on. You can do better. World champs with the worst app.

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