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Gotta keep that HEAT on deck!!

Season Ticket Price

In the new update, it doesn’t allow you to see the current list price of your season tickets like you could before. I love the app, but would be nice to see what I have my current tickets for sale for, so I can determine more easily if I want to adjust the price or not. Thanks!

They’re just practicing for season

They better start winning soon have little practice time left



Love the HEAT!!!

Heat app is great but would like to know health status of players throughout the season. Love it otherwise!


Love ❤️ Love ❤️

Complete downgrade from last year

The season ticket holder ticketanagement and resell tool was so much better last year 👎👎. Complete downgrade with this year's app.

Lack of birthday notification

The only things i would suggest is do like you used to do. and let us know whose birthday it is without going to the calendar and also maybe give 2 notifications one in advance and the other on the actual day. This is for those of us like me who is getting old and forgetful and also on the calendar please announce in advance things like start of training camp and other key dates in advance Lastly last year i asked the internet guys to follow me on twitter and they said yes but I meant for the official Heat twitter and not their personal twitter. MY TWITTER HANDLE IS @HEATLIF3R4EVER my name is Carl M. Cooper

This is a great app for Heat Fans

If you’re looking for the best source of information for your Miami Heat, you’ve found it. This app provides pre and post game information along with news, previews and reviews. You will love it.

App Rating

Excellent App

Doesn't work

Doesn't recognize the verified email address when asked to log in again for tickets.

Won’t work

If I use my account on a computer it works, but when I try to log in using my phone it will show a message saying that the log in information is wrong, I even change the password and it keeps showing that error message, please fix this

Wrong score

This app lost me when I looked up the score between The Heat and the Sixers and it gave the wrong final score. Instead of the Heat winning 102-101, they lost 102-104. How can you let that mistake happen? Would also like a link to NBA standings and scores around the league. If there is one, I couldn’t find it.


Great App. Was hesitant to go paperless to a game, but this app convinced me that I was wrong. Useful info about what to expect as you approach the arena. Meaningful and interesting info about the game and the organization. Very easy process to get to your seats. Great all around.

Dead in second

Can’t log in, dead in second after started

I can’t believe a NBA team has an app like ths

Crashes all the time Missing information and features Did I mention that crashes all the time?! 😤

Doesn't even open

Developers need to fix this app. Time you need it most it doesn't even open, for example, when you're trying to get into the game with your virtual ticket!

Team schedule

Disappointed there is no way to change the team schedule to calendar view like last seasons app version.

Amazing sports app

Easy to use, easy to comprehend and fun to browse the app! Adam from the App Squad has already been awesome help and I haven't even gone to the games yet! Can't wait to hit AAA

It's a horrible app

Do not download don't waste your time this app is buggy, randomly closes, stories don't open, it's extremely sad that the Miami heat name is on this piece of crap app!!!!!! seriously what happened it always sucked but atleast before but it was usable now it's completely unusable!!!!

If you're a HeatNation Fan I recommend this!

The only thing missing from this app is the Social Media hub so when the game starts we can interact with other Heat Fans during the game. The only thing missing is the brand new cellphone wallpaper of Heat players and the Heat Dancers and the Heat Logos! Go Heat Nation!🏀🔥🏀🔥

Where's My Season Ticket Features?

So after attending an event for Season Ticket Holders (STH) the Rep advised you have to check out new app. Ok, will do. Guess what it looks pretty but hard as hell to use. Where my STH access, how do I see my tickets? My wallet? If the Heat plan on adding later, well here's a clue, tell us, maybe??

Makes watching the game that much better!

Thanks miami heat for a great app.


Takes forever to load and open up, it never happened to me before with the older update. I can't check the scores and now that NBA season started I can't see if my favorite team has won or not!

I smell a championship

#heatnation #trumpPence2016

Doesn't work

As several other reviewers have noted, this app doesn't work. I can't get past the opening screen, and there's no "accept" button for the terms and conditions. Please fix!

No accept button

The app has been working for a while and now there is a screen that say accept terms and conditions and privacy policy and there is no accept button. Please fix

True heat fan

This app is awesome you can choose watch the game live and you can choose if you want a lot information or less and it tells you when the game starts and then it shows highlights and much more stuff.oh well LETS GO HEAT 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Needs an update

Had this app for a long time and now I can't access the app because I have the smaller iPhone and I now need to accept the terms and conditions but I can't click on the accept button since it doesn't show on the older iPhone since screens are smaller. Give us an update please!

Let's go Heat

We r too hot I don't think no team could put out our fire n da East!!!

Not working

Can't get past the cover picture.. No way to enter into the app

Best app ever

I love the Miami Heat

Miami Heat App

Best way to keep track of my favorite time in the NBA.



Best app

Wade County enough said

Add support for Apple Watch...⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️

Please Add Support for Apple Watch like other NBA Teams!!!🏀🔥👌⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️


Awesome app for all the Miami Heat fans. Videos, stats, Heat store, tickets, and more...


Love this app, especially the post-game videos that you get access to. GO HEAT!!!


Great app! Let's Go Heat!!!

Works great, everything you would need about the Heat in your hand!

Great videos, manage my tickets, pay at the arena, track a game when out my family...all you need and no glitches!


Enough said

The Miami Heat app is great

I like this app it is great

Not able to zoom wallpapers and can't get back

The app works fine but Wondering why I can't zoom the wallpaper before downloading and also its not allowing to go back or close once I open the wallpaper... Its so creepy every-time i have to close the app and reopen again from the scratch... Overall i like this app...


Every Miami Heat fan will love this app!!

Wallet/Recover Password feature doesn't work

The wallet feature can't be setup. If you try to reset password it sends you to the AppStore instead of allowing it to be changed.

My Wallet

Cannot access my wallet. Once I hit "forgot password", it takes me to the link to open the app. Still cannot access my Burnie Bucks..

Why Bluetooth

App overall is good and works well on the iPhone but not built for iPad. My biggest complaint is that every time I open the app it wants to access my Bluetooth and I see no reason for this at all.

Too many glitches

1. I cannot set up or access wallet at all. Says I've got an account, but link to reset password opens the app store. 2. Manage tickets previously worked, but today I cannot transfer seat #2 to wallet. It appears in wallet as seat #1.

App Crash

The app was working okay until I registered in the "My Wallet" portion then all downhill from there. I signed up with My Wallet to retrieve my Arena Bucks. It said signed in successfully but no Arena Bucks (I am entitled to $50). Before you ask "YES" I used the same email that's registered to my account. Now I can't view my tickets etc. I am sure it'll be a good app once they iron out the tech wrinkles.

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